HotelLoad will challenge the market dominance of online reservation agents, payment processors, and metasearch aggregators.
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Hotel and accommodation listings, booking and purchasing, and by building
the first integrated marketplace that uses the decentralized HotelLoad provides
a platform that charges no commission to the accommodation sector.
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We intend to build a system that can help booking platforms operate more efficiently
through block chains, providing more transparent and proven systems to customers
around the world in selling hotel accommodation.
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Content Ecosystem

Innovative content based on block-chain technology.
It breaks barriers between content communities, innovates revenue distribution,
By doing so, you can create more open, efficient, and trusted content.


The HOTELLOAD is a global space utility.
The goal is to make reservations and payment available to hotels.
The framework of existing cash or credit card payments
The goal is to set aside the encryption money as a currency that can be used in real life.
Is there any encryption money that has been introduced and activated in our real life?
The HOTELLOAD will try to make that happen.

Reservation & Payment

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Block Chain & security

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Total issue amount : 76 million

Distribution volume : 14 million
Marketing 1 : 6 million
Marketing 2 : 6 million
Team & Advisor : 15 million
Community : 7 million
Foundation : 28 million

Lock up : 1year (Foundation marketing 1, all supplies excuding distribution)

2Q 2018

Business model and Team building
Market Research and marketing Research in Hotel
Test of Algorithms Block chain

3Q 2018

Development of HotelLoad Design
Development of Block chain cryptographic currency
Planning the HotelLoad marketing campaign

4Q 2018

Launch of HotelLoad Token
a stock exchange
Development of HotelLoad Mobile Wallet (Android)
Development of HotelLoad PC Wallet

1Q 2019

Development of HotelLoad electronic Wallet (Android, PC)
Additional Development of HotelLoad E-Gear (ios)
Launch of Hotel Booking Website
Develop hotel reservation and payment application
a stock exchange

2Q 2019

Plan for HotelLoad International Network Expansion
Issuing a virtual card linked to HotelLoad email

3Q / 4Q 2019

HotelLoad Participant Company ExtensionsSystem Update
Introduction of Hotel P2P Payment System
Development and issuance of HotelLoad physical card
Launch of HotelLoad Mainnet

* Please note that the roadmap is subject to change.

CEO Co-founder
Rick Montgomery
CEO Co-founder

- HotelLoad Platform Founder
- Hotel management specialist.
- Local assistant for Hotel management at the European.
- University of National and World Economics.

Lead developer
Sandris Murins

-Blockchain Developer having expertise in Ethereum, Bitcoin and writing smart contracts.
-End-user software specialist.
-Core contributor, administrator of several Hotel websites.

Android/iOS software developer
Eric Liss
Android/iOS software developer

-Proficient in javascript, React and node. Mainly responsible for the development of the wallet.
-Specializes in blockchain technology on a global scale and brings a wealth of knowledge.
-Blockchain technology and has put his software engineering background to work for many cryptocurrency projects.
-Backend Engineer with passion in optimizing and writing scalable software.

Romualdas Cukuras

- majoring in hotel management and advertising
- Specialist in marketing in the Hotel industry
- 4 years of experience in hotel advertising and promotion

Oleg pravdin

-Former senior financial consultant.
-Considerable expertise in blockchain product design. Published various articles on blockchain and currency.

Vitty Xiong

-Served as a senior software developer in Ericsson, Huawei and some startups.
-A CPA, blockchain enthusiast, Go and JavaScript developer.